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Using stepper motor without high speed output?

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Hello, I have a V130 (RA-22) PLC and recently obtained a stepper motor and driver board that I was hoping to use. The RA-22 model of the V130 doesn't have high speed outputs, are the regular outputs (it has relay and analog outputs) fast enough send pulses to the stepper motor driver? Or do I need to purchase a high speed output module to use the motor?

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The driver is a Lin Engineering R1025 with just step and direction inputs, there's no serial or other communication interface.



The relay outputs have about 100,000 cycle lifespan - they are not recommended to be used as pulse outputs.  I would recommend switching to a unit that has high-speed outputs.


I would suggest one of the following part numbers if you wish to continue with the V130:

     - V130-TR20

     - V130-TR34

     - V130-TR6

     - V130-TRA22


The TRA22 will most closely relate to the model you have now, it just has 4 relay outputs and 4 high-speed outputs compared to 8 relay outputs that you have now.


Hope this helps.

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