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Does forcing SB 300 ON brick the Vision PLC?

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I sure hope not. I was setting up the High Speed Output example with a V130-TRA33 and accidently set SB 300 (Reset PLC) to a coil that is always ON. I uploaded to the PLC and when running the programming it continuously resets itself. I've tried to upload new programs and stop/reset the PLC in the Communications tab, but it keeps giving me the "Connections could not be established due to..." error like the PLC isn't plugged in. My port/baud settings are correct, I have another V130 that I use and can upload to. Has anyone encountered this?

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Hi Schafbo,


You can place the controller into OS stop upon power up. This will stop the PLC from running the program.


From there, you can can load a new program.


Power-up modes are outlined in the help file. 


Hope this helps!


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