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ASCII Variable Question

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I created an Ascii Variable. When I select the Keypad Entry box, the Touch property area becomes grayed out. I enter the necessary links and select OK. Then I reopened the variable and de-select the Keypad box, the Touch property area is now available (not grayed out). When I OK the variable, I get a message that contradicts what I just described. Which way is it supposed to be? 



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If you want the operator to enter that variable, you need to click the Keypad Entry box. Now, if you select Keypad Entry then you can´t assign a "Touch" MB to that variable, because the touch is going to be use to open the Keypad. Just download a test and try. It´s the best way.

I think the warning is just not as clear as we will like, but it´s just telling you than after removing a Keypad Entry option, that variable it´s not going to have a "Touch" response. So if you need to make something with that variable (not entering the value) you must assign a Touch MB.

Hope it helps. 


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Perhaps the Unitronics developers didn't handle the error message in the most elegant manner possible, but fundamentally they are offering you two touch choices that are necessarily going to be in conflict. Clicking the "Keypad Entry" box will cause the touch to bring up the on-screen keypad to enter the ASCII data that will go into the vector starting at MI 110.  The "Touch" box will allow you to use the displayed ASCII variable to perform some other action in the ladder by making the assigned MB go high when touched. These are two different functions and you can only choose one.

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