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Hello all,

PLC: V1210, OS 3.09.06

Yesterday I got a black display with "no application" error.

I restored it, selecting Application from SD Menu in INFO mode (Only application).

All information remain unchanged (Datatables and operands) and SB8 (Battery low) = 0.



¿What could cause it only application was lost and not datatables nor operands?


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On 8/9/2016 at 7:29 AM, Flex727 said:

Do you have a Snap-In module attached? I've had that happen when the module is not fully engaged.

That´s why I am avoiding as much as possible the snap in modules. If you have a lot of wires attached and you need to open and close the cabinet door then its better to just have the HMI.

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Re the snap-ins, I've always been a little concerned as to how easily they fit onto the main unit.  For this reason I run a strip of reduced width gaffer tape around the seam wherever possible.  I know it isn't supposed to be necessary, but it just felt "right" given the "looseness" of the fit, taking into account the number of pins engaging.  Easily removed as necessary but holds things together well.  Never had issues.  My checkups on systems routinely include an annual remove/refit/wiggle of all connector blocks.



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Thanks all for reply.
The problem happened only once, two weeks ago.
The last change I've made, one month ago, didn't download all and burn, just download. However I keep a copy of application in SD which allow us to recover it.
There's a snap-in module attached.


The past weekend, I perform a brief maintenance to PLC: Cleaning, dust blowing, battery check, re-attach snap in, check power voltage, full clone to SD.


So far, everything OK


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