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Ok guys, first time attempting ladder programming here using a V130-J-R34.  

I am using AN0 to get signal from a 3-wire pressure sensor. Brown/Blue goes to +/- 24Vdc and the black wire is my signal.

I get a 4-20 mA from the sensor and according to the default jumper settings of the V130 the AN0 is set to accept current as input.

I am trying to perform a simple linearization to display how many bars my sensor reads. Since the memory of the analog input is 10-bit this is how I set it up: (see attachment)

The logic is that being a 10-bit memory the max 20mA corresponds to DEC 1023 and min 4mA to DEC 204. Then this is converted to 0-10 bars.

However it does not work. My MI0 reads always zero and the output MI1 is stuck at -25. 

Any ideas here about whats wrong?





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