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Hello everyone! I'm actually studying Automation and I have to make some practices with the Vision 130 RA22. Recently, I have downloaded many manuals about software and specification but I have not found anything related for operating the keypad and I have a problem my former classmates had configurated the Vision 130 to use it with a RS485 and I have a RS232. how can I reset or configurate my PLC to use it again with RS232? this is my e-mail: alfonsoxme90@gmail.com

I'd really appreciate your help...

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There is a com port initialization function block in Visilogic where you can set all details related to the selected port.

Use this function block at the beginning of your program with direct contact of SB2 (Power-up pulse) as a condition for the command to be executed (attached photo).


Unitronics help page for Com Init:




com init 2.PNG

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