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7 inch Samba - which addon IOs

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Dear all,

i want to use the 7 inch samba for my project (as this small plc is enough for my machine). Now i have the problem that i would need 2 more digital outputs.
As there is only the possiblity to add remote (CAN) IOs. It would be very expensive to add a EX-RC1 plus an output module only for adding 2 more digital outputs..........

Does any one have a better idea to lower the costs?

Maybe there is planned to add local IO functionality to SAMBA plcs in near future, or any other suitable cost effective solution?

Thanks for your comments


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  • MVP 2023

The Samba series is a fixed I/O unit by design.

As you've pointed out, by the time you buy the CANbus card and expansion parts you'll have put yourself into V700 land if you use a fully Unitronics solution.

The cheapest way to go would be to get the serial card and find a low-cost Modbus I/O module.

Joe T. 

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