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Black edit area on List of Texts

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I had a gut feeling that this was a Windows problem and not PLC hardware specific, so I had the customer send me his program, and I tried it on my computer. Of course, the problem didn't appear.

I asked about his desktop settings - Display Properties->Appearance tab. He is running XP SP3 and had the following settings:

Windows and buttons:

Windows XP style

Color scheme:


Font Size:


I set up my computer with the same settings and was now able to view the problem on a Variable:List of Texts object. I determined that the problem only appears with the Silver color. Being an old curmudgeon, I set all my computers' styles to Windows Classic where silver is not even an option.

Anyway, this is what I found. See if you can duplicate it.

Joe T.

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I had this exact same problem last year. I was using the "silver" setting in XP. It blacked out a lot of text fields. It is burried somewhere on the old Forum.

As someone who has done some PC programming with VB and VC, I don't think it can easily just be blamed on windows. There are methods available to the developer to overcome changes in the windows settings.

And no, I'm not from Jersey .............. however I just visted NJ for the first time ever a couple days ago. Possibly maybe it is something contagious?

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The Jersey comment was a friendly dig - my in-laws live there and I am compelled to visit north Jersey twice a year, come hell, high water, or the Holiday Blizzard of 2010. If you weren't so far north in NY I would love to track you down sometime. I'm sure it's contagious - I used to be a sweet cuddly teddy bear. Now I can blend in with the New York City attitude when I go there. I even drive like them, which is really scary to others on the streets of St. Louis.

Joe T.

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