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EX-RC1 Communication Issue

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I am having an issue communicating with my EX-RC1s. I can go into online test mode (see all of the live operands) and everything in the Communication - PC Settings screen seems to work just fine, but whenever i try to download or verify i get an error message.


PLC reply - Error - (error 7) - Time-out value is probably too short.

Call Stack:







Visilogic 9.0.1

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Visilogic (also deleted the Visilogic_C folder before reinstalling)

I have got this error on 3 EX-RC1s

I have got this error using 2 different computers (one has dedicated Serial Port)

I have changed my Unitronics MJ10-22-CS25 cable

I get the same error when connecting directly or over my CANbus network

I have tried a new (black) .vlp program

I have no problems at all on my 1040.

Baud Rate 57600, Time Out 10 sec, Retries 3 (i have tried different numbers)

I am currently talking to support but wanted to get anyone ideas.

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Try the following:

• Download the latest OS 5.04(07) using 57600

• Reset & Initialize the EX-RC1

• Then try to download blank application

• Next download his application

If you have communication problems then:

• Set all the dip switches to OFF and power on the EX-RC1 then it should be in stop mode.

• When the EX-RC1 will be in stop mode you should be able to communicate without any problems.

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