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Load DTI From File issue


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My application is for a UniStream USP-104-B10.  The application is for an OEM and it's written for a fully loaded machine.  I'm using a DTI to set and store each machine's configuration.  Upon initial startup, a high level user will set the configuration bits.  Pressing a Save button writes them to the only record in my DTI, pauses 2 seconds, and stores the record in a file on the SD card with the "Store DTI To File" command.  This seems to work reliably. 

The problem I have is when I read the file with the "Load DTI From File" command on startup.  Roughly 50% of the time I cycle the power, the command returns a status code of -5 (Read File Error).  I've tried numerous methods.  Currently, I immediately start a 5 second timer in the main ladder routine.  Upon timeout, the "Load DTI From File" command is enabled.  I set a coil downstream of the Load command and use that to prevent re-execution of the Load command (see attachment).  Is there some sort of timing issue that I'm missing?  Why does this work sometimes but not always?  Any suggestions?



Load DTI.jpg

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