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I use a application with citect scada.

Can i use opc server for communication?

What do i need to do in the ladder program?

It is the first time that i use

How can i read for example an MB, MI, Input or Output ?

I is the first time that i want to use it

In citect you have bcd, Byte, Digital ?

But how can i read it?

Can any one help me to start?



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Which communication are you using? (Serial, Ethernet..)

I'm not familiar with Citect SCADA but if you wish to use UniOPC server then if you are using serial connection, you need to set the PLC com port for connection with UniOPC. If you are using Ethernet then you need to set IP settings and PLC name to the PLC using TCP/IP card Init and PLC name functions (Under com menu).

Then in UniOPC you need to create the channel with the right communication settings and add a PLC. (See UniOPC help)

Later the syntax in the SCADA for configuring tags will be :<PLCName> <ItemPrefix> <Address>.

For example if the PLC name is "kurtv" and you wish to read MI100 then the syntax will be kurtv.MI100

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