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How to send sms to multiple recipients?


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You can configure in the SMS phone number as String.

Then you can prepare a data table which will be the phone book and each time load different number according to the logic.

you can use the status of the SMS struct in order to know when you are able to send the next SMS.

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I am already tried to send multiple SMS by using sting, Its very hard to write and sometimes the modem (if you using sms status to trigger next SMS) not responding.

Is there any other way to send multiple SMS to multiple person rather than using string & data table.  Wonder visilogic have more option & easier than unistream...!



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I attached here a simple and working example of sending  SMS to multiple numbers using DT.

Just make sure to:

  • Change on net 5 the greater than block according to the number of phone numbers you wish to send to.
  •  Add the numbers to the DT and download it to the PLC via the 'write values to PLC' button from the Data tables top menu.

sms multiple phone numbers with dt.ulpr

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By the way, there is still a bug somewhere deep inside. The SMS communications still hangs from time to time, and then the only solution is to completely reset power to the panel.

I'm using Cinterion BGS2T modems and initially the communication were hanging very often. Then I found it might be due to the fact that other language messages are allowed only 1/2 of length of the English language messages. I truncated everything as much as I could, making sure the maximum length was not exceeded. Frequent hangs went away. However there still remains some instability in form of hanging SMS comms once every 2 weeks to 3-4 months, with no other way to solve than to restart everything completely (resetting power to the modem doen't help, reinitializing comms doesn't help also).

I guess, there is something wrong with the comms buffer within PLC, but this is just a wild guess...

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