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I am upgrading an old S7-200 plc to a Unitronics V130-33-TA24. In the old MicroWIN code they used contacts of a built-in half-second timer SM0.5. What would be the simplest way to recreate this in Visilogic? Would it require using 2 timers? I am attaching what I came up with and it works fine, but maybe there is a simpler way. Thanks.

half second timer clock.png

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That particular time is built in to Visilogic.  Use a contact referencing SB3.  It is on for .5 second and off for .5 second.

Otherwise, you do need two timers.  Here is a 1 second on / 1 second off example:

squarewave timers.jpg


Timers automatically reset when you remove power from them.

Note that proper programming form is to use the timer bit in a separate network from the timer coil.  The reason for this is Visilogic doesn't always compile the network they way you think it does.

Joe T.


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