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Using PT1000 with UIS-WCB1


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I already have a couple of PT1000 temperature sensors that I would like to use with  the expansion module UIS-WCB1 but the specification says it can only work with PT100 (and other thermocouples) but not PT1000. The temperature range this sensor will ever see is between 0-100 C. Because of this relatively smaller temperature range, would I be able to use the PT1000 sensor with this I/O module, by writing some code to account for the difference, instead of having to purchase the UIS-04PTKN module?

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Look at these resistance tables-

100 ohm RTD


You'll note the highest reading is 390 ohms at 850 C

1000 ohm RTD


All the values are increased by a factor of 10.

 A 100 ohm input will totally barf if you connect a 1000 ohm load to it.  

Joe T.

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