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Creating different users and assigning passwords

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I am using Visilogic to program an application for a V1210 HMI unit. My application requires 3 level of users:




Each kind of user should have a password. Of course, all of those passwords should be different.

Can someone suggest a way to do this?

Thank you in advance


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Can you please clarify.  

Is it just three users/levels with 1 password per user/level? Or multiple users with three access levels(multiple users per access level with different unique ID's and passwords)

For the first case you may want to look at a password screen.

For the second case you may want to look at a data table that would conatin the user login, password and access level.


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In the help file search for Password, then review the Password: Keypad Entry

This would allow you to place a keypad entry variable(it's under Numeric -> Password) on the screen for each level.  When touched if a valid password is entered you can then use the Legal Entry MB (which you have to assign to the variable.) to jump to the screen you want to protect.


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