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I want to upload in a Unitronic V130, but I have the following msg: This project cannot be uploaded because:
- the option 'Burn Upload Project' was not selected when the project was downloaded,
- due to incomplete data in the PLC", and upload fails.

What can Ido if the program was not downloaded by the option: Burn Upload Project?


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Hi Jorge,

If the project hasn't been burnt for upload, the only way you're going to get it is via having access to the original *.vlp file in whatever computer or storage media it is in.   If you can't get this, you will likely have a problem.  Bear in mind that you might be getting into "intellectual property" issues, and that may be why the original programmer has done things this way.

Of possible help is to use info mode and find the project's name, which might at least point you in a direction for finding the correct file.  But even this can be wrong, as it depends on whether the original debugging/proving of the program had name changes along the way.

Also check what is on the SD card if it has one in the slot.



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