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Unistream communcations with AB PLC5


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I have not, I am not familiar with the PLC5 enough.   Is the PLC5 with the Ethernet connection on it actually talking Ethernet/TCP?


Any recommendations to just make one connection would be great.   I am wanting to convince the customer to buy Unitronics but lacking the experience in AB products especially old stuff.

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You've got your work cut out for you.  Usually once a customer has AB tattooed on their butt you need hydraulic machinery to get it off.

The PLC 5 family has been completely obsoleted by AB and is pretty much only available on eBay and through surplus suppliers.  The official AB solution is to convert them to the ControlLogix platform, which carries a hefty ($10K) price tag.  Which blows because the PLC 5's actually still work great.

PLC 5 Ethernet is the old AB Ethernet protocol, which is not the same as Modbus TCP.  It talks to SLC 5/05's and RSLinx AB-ETH drivers.

Channel 0 on some PLC 5s can be configured for RS232 DF1 protocol.  Unitronics Vision series can be a DF1 master in a convoluted way, but it does work.  UniStream does Ethernet I/P, which is not compatible with a PLC 5.

If all you've got is Data Highway+ then you'll need a protocol adapter.  I've got such an animal that converts DH+ to Modbus TCP - message me if you're interested.

Which PLC 5 are you dealing with?  Or is it a bunch of different types?

Joe T.

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