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Pretty simple question but for some reason as a beginner I am having trouble finding out.


When using a snap-on IO and then an Expansion module and IO, how do I enter my inputs into my program after I have filled my snap-on IO Number wise?

When the next IO starts at I0 does it matter what number the input isin the program in regards to hard wiring into the module?


eg; I have room for 18 digital inputs, I am only using 14 on my snap-on IO, on my next IO I am using 13 of the 16 digital inputs,

I will number my inputs in entered in my program 0-13 regards to how they are hard wired, i have 

On my next IO what number do I start on in my program considering my IO Starts at I0 in regards to my hard wired cables?


I hope this makes sense.




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  • MVP 2023

Unitronics does not have flexible I/O addressing.  Ignore what is printed  on the module.

When you configure your I/O in the Hardware Configuration dialog, it will tell you what the addresses will be on each module.

I know this is confusing.  There are little stickers included with each expansion module so you can re-label them as to what they really are.

Joe T. 

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