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Dear All,


Have good day.

I am very new to RC1 with vision logic. I am planing to built a project with 12 AI modules and 10 DI modules of 16 input.

I read RC1 example and tech forum on EX -1 program. I tried add modules but only with first RC-1 only I can attach input modules. how to with second and third RC-1 at HW configaration.


How to addresses each input and out put on each NETWORK.  Please help.

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I also see you have posted in the UniLogic forum.  Please clarify which CPU family you are using.

If it's a Vision system, read all the Help for the UniCan function block first.

You'll have to write code in the master for each of the RC1 modules.  You set the ID for each module using the DIP switches on the RC1 and access them via UniCAN function blocks.

You write a separate program for each RC1 as well for the I/O connected to it.  The example program that comes with the RC1 is overly complex in my opinion.  I usually write a dedicated program just for the I/O and the drop and keep it simple.

Post a detailed layout of your system and any programs you have written and we can help.

Joe T.

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Dear Joe,

Have good day


I am attaching out line lay out.

I got the idea from examples how to program and connect each RC-1 to Unilogic HMI. as per your guidance I will program each RC-1 seperate. 


I do not know how to addresses each analogue and digital module in each loop and also each input. , I am very new to Unitronics, only made 1 PLC program using Unilogic HMI. which was not using any RC-1.


Please help.


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