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Send multi mails


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Dear All,

I need a clarification about "send mails"; customer want create and modify, every time that he wants, a list of mails; every time that a specific condition is present I have to send at every mail in the list a mail/message...create a Data Table that include these mails is not a problem but I have a doubt about the multi sending...I have to call, and send, one by one the mails in the Data Table or exist a "procedure" to take more than one mails at time and send this in one shot?


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In UniLogic you can set a list of many emails with out the need of a data table.

You can configure a list of Emails on  the To:/CC:/Bcc: part of the email configuration.

You also have a widget you can use on the HMI to edit the To:/CC:/Bcc: list of emails to send the email.

The UniStream can handle multiple mails at the same request. We have an internal queue but we recommend to  send a maximum of up to 8 mails at the same time.

Please see attached example and you can also see more information on emails on a video tutorial on the next link.



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Hi EduMarg,

thanks for the answer...so If I well understood with the widget "mail configurator" I can create a list of To/Cc/BCc mails but you suggested that this list has to be not 8 members longer...In my case I will have to manage a list of 20-30 mails...maybe more...in this case what I can do?


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Sorry for the misunderstanding.

When I say 8 emails at the same time I meant 8 different emails and not 8 different email addresses.

When you configure the address on one email: 

1.       If the address is indirect the limit should be around ~40-50 address in the mail list to all To/cc/bcc together .

2.       If you use fix constant address there should be no limit.

Hope this clarifies better.





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