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WDT ERR @ 22

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We have a JZ20-R31 that displays the following message on power up: WDT ERR @ 22.  The 24VDC power supply for the Jazz died recently and was just replaced. On powering up the PLC the screen was blank for a few minutes and then the  WDT ERR message is displayed on the screen. 

Can any suggest what this indicates and how to remedy?

Thanks heaps.

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You should have backup of project for this PLC. Then continue.

Power-on PLC with pressed <I> button. This will start PLC with OS stop mode.

< PROGRAM STOP > message appears.

Does WD error appears?

Can you communicate to PLC with MJ20-RS adapter?

Create empty project and download it to PLC.

Restart PLC and check, if WD error appears or not.

If everything is OK - check SB 8 . Is battery low?

Download ariginal PLC project. Does it works?

If you continue to have WD problem, contact your distributor.

Best regards.


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