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Several controllers & 2 EX-RC1


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I have 3 Unistream panels and two EX-RC1 with 6-7 IO modules connected to each one.

My question is how to configure each panel to collect data from/to both of EX-RC1. In Unilogic examples there is only one adapter and invariant starting address MI1016.

In case with single EX-RC1 all is clear, but how to be with two adapters? It baffles me invariant starting address MI1016. 

Sorry for my English.

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In the attached screenshots two RC1. I set ID 11 and 12. What should I do next? Should I copy this settings to other two panels without changing, with ID11 and ID12?

In Visilogic program for each RC1 I`ll make three networks (for each panel) with Unican Send block different by cycle time for sending data. It`s correct solution?



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On 6/21/2017 at 8:19 PM, LulaNord said:

Hi...i am a new user here. I want to know do you expect having 3 Unistream panels acting as Masters of UniCAN network? I´m not sure it will be possible.Is it possible for you to use a single Unistream to communicate with both EX-RC1 and exchange data ove Ethernet with another two Unistream?

Yes it's possible. The thing is just in correct addressing, One PLC must be master and he must communicate with RC 1.
Use the app I made for testing,  in all three PLCs just give them their addresses correctly and determine who will communicate with RC 1

I do not have free three PLC-s to try




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