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Email attachements from SD Card (CSV)

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Working on a project where I need to email a zipped CSV file created from Data Sampling.  I can structure and send emails with no problem.  I can see the CSV file via file browser, but having difficulty sending the attachment.  My goal would be to allow the operator to choose from a list of csv files that updates as the files are generated from Data Sampler tests.  I have tried to link a tag where you configure the email so you can type in the file name on a key pad text box.  the keypad entry does not have some of the characters needed to match the file name (ie.  -_ etc.).  Has anyone sent CSV email attachments and could point me in the right direction?  Thank you for your input

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As you can see below the characters do exist in the keyboard - in order to get the underscore _ you can press on Shift.

BTW please note that in the struct of the data sampling you can change the file name in "File Name" tag.


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