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Read values from Thermocouple J type in Samba 4.3"

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Hello, I am new in all of this PLC field but I want to start with small projects in order to get some experience and then moving on bigger projects.

I want to put a graph in my HMI (I actually did it a  Variable thermometer Graph MI 12) and see the real temperature value over the graph. According to the Analog Input Wiring, I know that my input (9) AN0 and input (10) AN1 are the inputs.  First question: When I start to wire up. Do I just put a wire in AN0 and the other in AN1???? or should be connecting in parallel with V
+ one side and the other side with 0 -  references?????

And I know that I have to configure this inputs in my HW configuration. in Analog input I put:         No.     Type           Filter         Mode          Op       Addr         Description

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        0        0-10V        No filter                          MI         4                Thermocouple wire +

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1        0-10 V      No filter                           MI         5                Thermocouple wire -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Can you guys check if this configuration is Ok? I appreciate the help!!!! I am not sure if I have to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       link this with MI 4 or MI 5 with the thermometer graph above???

The last question is Do I have to Linearization in my ladder in order to scale values?   if Yes, which variable Do I have to attach the linearization?????


Thanks a lot 

sorry for mistakes my English is not my first language.


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What model SAMBA  are you using.  The   -T20 and  -R20 models do not support Thermocouples.

Thermocouples produce very small voltages in relation to the temperature being measured. The 0-10V Analog inputs ( 10 Bit )

are  not fine enough to read the millivolts generated.

Thermocouples are supported on the -RA22  and -TA22  Models.   The Installation Sheet  describes the wiring for the various types.

In the  -RA22 and  -TA22  thermocouple inputs is already  converted and the value  is stored as    xxx.x  degrees  C  or F


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The Samba is non-expandable so it is not possible to add the required thermocouple input(s) to the unit you have.   As Dan stated you'd have to look at the -RA22 or -TA22 models.

or you'd need an external module to convert the thermocouple input to a 4-20 or 0-10V signal that the PLC can accept.   Phoenix Contact or Weidmuller are two companies which have this type of module.

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