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I have a CANopen device that sends 7 PDOs. Fortunately I only have to read 4 of these PDOs but one of the PDOs that I need to read has a COB ID higher than the 4 standard ones. So I found the Relocate button in the CANopen configuration FB, changed one of the COB id to what I need. Now the bad news is that it doesn't seem to work. I actually modified the 2nd and 3rd COB id and then enterred by COBid, base 0x2A0, in the fourth one. Compiles fine and downloads and the first 3 COB id work just fine.

I have a V570 running OS 4.03 (05) and VisiLogic 9.8.31, should be latest. I have search any and help files, Unitroincs web site, Google but not a single mentioning about the Relocate button. Any help is appreciated.


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