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EtherNet/IP I/O Adapter

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I configured the PLC as an Ethernet/IP adapter but I don't understand how to link tag to input/output when I configure the PLC as an adapter for Ethernet/IP.

for exemple, my input_0 on the UID-W1616T (alis: Start_Process), how can I link it to the input tag created in adaptater node.

If someone have a program explemple, it's can help me ;)

I have watch the tuto on Youtube but this parts is not explain.

PS: It's the first time I use Ethernet/IP on a PLC.:blink:


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If you wish to link the IO data to your Ethernet/IP configuration - just click on the green "Empty" of the Input or output to get the list of the tags in the system.

In the list you will find also the UID-W1616T - Now you can choose it and select the inputs or outputs, if you wish to link the  whole array just use the back space to delete the bracket and press enter.

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