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Collect data from remote PLC to database server

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There are several "remote nodes" and each of them has couple of measurements. We would like to collect measurements to the database server (MS SQL Server) and make some reports etc.

I was thinking of Vision PLC with GPRS modem. But how we could transfer data from PLC to database?

.Net programming is not problem (if we should use Unitronics .Net driver), but is there any out-of-box solution?

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I wonder if Unitronics is working in a FTP client for Vision. This way you could send datas from SD to a FTP Server.

Other solution would be if Unitronics will develope a Server of remote datas, maybe only adding datas to My SQL database. This kind of applications is very usual last time.

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Hello again,

I successfully logged data to a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition database using the trial edition of OPC Data Logger Pro available from:


Note that I had to change my comptuters regional settings from "English (Australia)" to "English (United States)" to successfully log.

Best regards,


Hi Sarnikorpi,

I'd suggest using software to log OPC data from the PLC to a Microsoft SQL Server database. I haven't done it myself, but it appears suitable.

I googled:

+opc +"microsoft sql"

One of many relevant search results was:


Hope that helps,


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