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Condition to close a socket on V700

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If the connection is lost, the socket is already closed, is it not? Isn't the socket being open the definition of a connection? Just reconnect. In fact, if you gate the socket connect function with an inverted contact of a bit that is on when the socket is open, you can trigger a reconnect as often as you like and it will do nothing until the connection is lost.


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Thanks for your reply!

I am not shure, if connection is lost, the socket is allready closed.

With a Modbus-Master on a V1210 once I expierenced longer (~ 1min) delays before reconnect, when I removed ethernet cable and plugged it in again. I have shortened the delay by explicitly closing the socket. From then on I always used this in my Modbus-Sequence - not really shure, if this is really needed.


On a Vision700 this proven procedure fails. I am getting the status bits with:


And trying to close the socket with:


I think it failes, because the socket status bits are not continuously ON during a cycle. In Online-Test I can see a flicker.

But - nevertheless - my Modbus-Sequence is working even without socket close. By now reconnect times do not seem to be critical.

Maybe the reconnect delay depends on Socket-Timeout-Values on both machines. With short timeouts, no socket close would be needed.


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