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Science Fiction that becomes Reality

Cara Bereck Levy

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Alert: this post will only interest SF fans :)

So, here I was in Unitronics-land, in a meeting, thinking about how SF often predicts the technology that becomes reality.

Then I realized that the anecdote I was about to tell -  that deciding to implement " OK Google" commands on my phone, so that while driving, I could  tell my phone to turn on Bluetooth and call my son  hands-free,  reminded me of Scotty saying " Computer..." - would make little sense to the whipper-snappers at the meeting.  They a., don't know who Scotty is, and b., grew up with Siri - voice control is expected.

The fact that I had resisted it until now, because I don't want Google to control every damn thing, would probably make no sense and mark me as a Luddite and certainly a fossil...


That got me thinking of how Heinlein wrote about 'waldos', and how that actually became a term used for remote manipulators (cool story).

Anyone out there have a favorite example of SF becoming real tech?

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