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Scale Vibration Isolation

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I have a V700 coupled with a LC1 scale module. The unit is doing a control of the filling of bags using a 2 speed fill cycle. The problem I am having is the unit has a light vibration and so it does not stop the final fill uniformly. It seems that the bouncing around is causing the gate to close early or late making the weighs either high or low.  Is there a way to smooth out the vibrations without making the settling time so high that the updates are so slow?

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There is a Filter function available to help smooth out this type of variation, but it seems to me that, fundamentally, filtering data necessarily causes delay. You may have to experiment and stop the filling just short of the required weight. You can also try filling more slowly as you approach the weight limit.

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I am using the filter function. The Settling time is all the way up to 50 and the Active band at 100 and that is the trouble. The filling already is very slow at the end. that is the reason for the 2 speed fill on the cycle.

Without the filling equipment running the settling time can be set down to 15 and the Active band at 30 and the Motion band at 10 and all is calm and settled.  But as soon as the thing is turned on causing a slight vibe the display goes wild and the motion is on constantly until the settings are increased. The filtering only slows the reaction time and that causes the uneven cutoff. Is there a way to filter out the high and lows rather that extending the response time?

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