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Need help to connect Unistream to ex-rc1


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Hi everyone

I have HMI USP-070-B10 and need to connect to EX-RC1

I have done all in my project according to manuals but not transfer

Than I have loaded example EX-RC1_IO to Unistream and to EX-rc1 and again no transfer


I see that the HMI sends data and Alive data , but receive nothing

The same in EX-rc1 - send data and alive , but receive nothing

I have checked the wiring and power suply - all is ok

any idea where is the problem

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Hi  Oobretenov;


YOU MUST use the EX-RC1_IO.vlp example as your base program  from  the UniStream Examples because there are differences in

   MI registers being used   from the EX-RC1 Examples in Visilogic.

     Rename the file when you have made configuration changes to suit your project.

Did you  configure the EX-RC1 _IO   for your I/O Modules?

Set the DIP Switches on the EX-RC1 Module  for the address ( 2  and above)   UniStream is at Address 1  by default

Then do the Export file, and Import it into UniLogic.    The Export file from the EX-RC1  tells UniStream what I/O Modules are connected.

Make sure the   ID number you set is the same as the DIP Switch setting on the EX-RC1,  Leave the General Buffers  Unchecked.

Then do the  the Export from UniLogic of the INPUT and OUTPUT files-- At the top of the properties --, and Import these back into the EX-RC1.

      The Export files FROM the UniStream back to the EX-RC1  set up the Structs for the Inputs and Outputs properly

         to synchronize with the I/O Structs in  UniLogic.  Be sure to put the files in the right Structs  in the EX-RC1.

Be sure to Setup CANBUS  Com Parameters in BOTH the EX-RC1  and the UniStream to be the same Baud rate !  This is a separate setting in UniLogic.

Be sure the Terminating Resistors ( 75 ohm)  are on BOTH the UniStream Connect   AND the EX-RC1  Connector

The CANBUS is an   isolated  Communications system, It needs its own 24 VDC  power. It does not draw power from the EX-RC1 Module.

On the EX-RC1,  The  I/O COM  Led is Green and Steady when the I/O Modules are running properly.

 On the EX-RC1, The  BUS Com  LED  is on Steady when the CANBUS is communicating properly, else it flashes.



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