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Schedule Ladder function over more than 24hrs


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What I want to do set and on and off time and date (which are on different dates) but can only get it to work with the time, not the date.

I can get it to work using the "From Hour" and "To Hour" tags but I cant get it to work with the "Month" or "Day of the "Month" tags. I'm not sure of the format, I have been trying to write to them from a RTC Date variable using the array functions and a Date input from the HMI which seems to be working but the "Schedule" function doesn't seem to use the information.

I have "2017" written to the "From Year" and "To Year".

Any help would be great.


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On 06/08/2017 at 3:19 PM, Saragani said:

It is working for me.

I've set From and To year to be 2017, and I've set 1 on the correct month (You can set 1 for several months and Days. It is a boolean map which returns true if nothing is set, or when something is set and it matches the day/month).


Thanks for the reply.

That is what I have I think. Can I upload something to show you what I have? Or can you send me the working example so I can see what going wrong?

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