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UniStream structs optimization


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I recently came a cross with a UniLogic application that use large structs. For example, one struct was composed of 80 members, and most of the members type was INT16, like so:


In memory the struct look like this:   

struct MyStruct            //struct size is 80 * 4 = 320 bytes   
                           INT32         ID;                        //size 4              
INT16         Val_1;                 //size 2              
CHAR[2]    padding1;       //size 2            
INT16         Val_2;                 //size 2              
CHAR[2]    padding2;       //size 2            
INT16         Val_79;              //size 2              
CHAR[2]    padding79;   //size 2   

notice the padding that added to the struct. That's  common in software in order to align the memory so work will perform more effectively. This padding cause every 2 bytes in an INT16  type an extra "weight" of 2 bytes – so every INT16 is 4 bytes. One can think that the struct size is 4 + 2 * 79 = 162 bytes, when in fact it 320 bytes, almost two times bigger (!).


Now, let's try the next approach:


In memory:   

          struct MyStruct_NEW            //struct size is 4 + 2  * 79 = 162 bytes   
                            INT32            ID;                    //size 4              
INT16[79]     Val_Arr;      //size 158     

And we got a struct size 162 bytes, as intended. Just imagine we use struct "MyStruct" in a 3,000 line Data Table, we will waste almost 0.5M bytes (3,000  * 158), while "MyStruct_NEW"  waste nothing.


For conclusion,
when creating structs in UniLogic consider the padding factor in order to reduce your PLC memory consumption.

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