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profibus vector adress range

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I am preparing an project connecting a excisting Siemens S300 PLC with Unitronics V350 (as a slave) by profibus. I do not have the V350 Unitronics project yet as it is prepared by a third side company and they wont give me their project, but they send me a sample how to set up "Siemens side". My problem is now that i have not enough free adresses in my S300 to set up the full integer vector ("receive integers" on S300) in the GSD configuration. My question is wether it is possible to use only 64 integers (instead of full vector of 106integer)  in GSD configuration. If so, is it neccessary to change anything on V350 side?

I do not want to go on site and then realize that I have to change Siemens PLC because of limited adress range.

thanks for your help!



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Of course you can use a smaller range.  How many data has to be exchanged between th V350 and the S7?

When it fits within the choosen range no problem otherwise you and the Unitronics programmer have to make a multiplexing construction to get all the data needed sended between the two systems. So the smaller range is regarding profibus,Siemens and Unitronics no problem.

In our plant we have uses 4 V350 plc,s with profibus card connected to a CTI plc that is profibus master and each V350 has a data area of 16 bytes (8 words) input and 16 bytes(8words) output.

kind regards




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