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Two serial connections in a PLC

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How many serial connections can I have on a vision series PLC?

For example I want to attach a modem on a V130 in order to remotely send commands and at the same time I want to connect an LED screen with an RS232 connection in order for the PLC to send commands and write on the screen.

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On a V430 two serial ports. Port two can have a second (optional) serial board installed. V1210 has two included serial ports and option for a third. Not sure about others. Specs would reveal. I have used the two included serial ports on a V1210 simultaneously one to a PC and second as a MODBUS master. Please note that the mini USB port (when actively connected) takes over the primary serial port. A bit of an inconvience when wanting to be on online mode and have serial port also working out RJ11 jack. Sounds like two on the V130 also.

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I feel the need to point out that the 120 series has 2 native comm ports which will do this job without trouble.   They also have inbuilt Canbus/Unican which lets live PC communication happen concurrently if needed, by going via another 120, which can be disconnected once the project is complete.

Grist for the thinking mill.  Think of it as having a spare for the job!



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