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Need text SMS at work place (recommendation help)

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After being installed my Ethernet card on my device. The next level for my project is included Text messages to the mechanics everytime that line's production is down for failures. I would like to programme the logic that allows people call for help to somebody else at the workplace.

First question:  Do I need a GSM modem in order to do this????

in case of Yes, I checked the website and found this two models:

  Article Description


I wondering if doesn't matter any of these work with Samba PLC and I assume that I need a SIM card 3G as well or it comes with the KIT?????? 

Thanks in advance 


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Hi, Cam

Yes, I already had the Ethernet card installed. It might work too. It's a good idea.

But let's say in the case to implement SMS like a rule for these events in the company which kit Do I have to buy because I can't see on technical info if both works with Samba PLC or where can I find out this...


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Which Model Samba do you have some of the don't have a native RS232 port (only the SM35 does) the SM43 and SM70 program via USB and the serial port is an additional card which must be added.    If you already have an Ethernet card installed you aren't able to add the serial port.

GSM-KIT-17J-3G would be the kit required for a Samba.   The 16J kit was for UniStream only I believe, and I don't believe it's available any more.

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