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Change of my HMI status on screen


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I am trying to change the status of my "Binary image / switch MB 53 (SEE THE FIRST PRT SC "PRINT SCREEN")the little green light under 1520 Line" once you hit a toggle binary Text  image / switch you can see it on SECOND PRT SC right after first.  But if you notice MB 53 is SET when the machine is Enable and then when you want to reset it because the machine is disabled  MB 53 still SET and won't change the status to red on my HMI. 

What do you guys recommend me to do over the Ladder in order to SET and RESET MB 53??????????????

Thanks in advanced 








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MB 0 is the main button for "1520 Line" you can see it in the first picture on this post in red color. The purpose for this button is once you hit it is able to show to the opartor the Line Assembly  (SEE picture next #3) and then allows their report the failure in a specific workstation. I want to hide MB 0 in my HMI if the line is down for some reason through pushbutton MB 40. With respect to Why is my pushbutton assigned to MB 40 because I want to change the state of MB53 once toggle pushbutton is disabled on state "1" .


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 Flex727 and Joe Tauser,

Thank you for taking your time to had helped me. I already figured it out.

You know what It was. I put the logic ladder in lots subroutine in order to organize my sequence but it won't work like that. I put them in Main Routine and now works perfectly. 

Now, I am going to pass everything because timer won't work either.


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