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How to create pop-ups in screens?


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With a Custom Control, you can create a control that can be used in different screens.

From the toolbox you can drag (or double click) the custom control, to a a screen. If you define Read only or Read-Write parameters to the custom control, then they must be used when placing the custom control on a screen. You can use those parameters inside the custom control definition (for example, a numeric tag to be linked to a numeric box).


After placing a custom control on a screen, then you can define a visibility bit in order to control the visibility of the "layer".

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There is a simple, yet effective example of a "Pop-Up" screen found in the sample applications available online, Unilogic\Example\Alarms\UniStream_070_Alarms_Example_with_events.ulpr

look at the Alarm History Screen, and specifically at the tag Clear_History_Popup, and the actions associated with the various buttons on the screen. There is a rectangle with 50% opacity, that appears when the Pop-up is displayed, that dims the background behind the Pop-up (nice touch). If you select that rectangle and "send to back", you will be able to select the various buttons and check out the actions associated with them.

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2 hours ago, Interroga said:

Ok, but I guess that's not the best way. If possible in the next version, we can create screens with resizing in the configuration. I appreciate your help. I hope the next release will be active.

What do you mean screens with resizing?

Screens have fixed size, since this is the size of the panel, and custom controls are like screens, but do have sizing options.

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hi all. Dont want to create new topic so write in the same.

I created custom control for pump (for example), add local structure for this custom control. After it placed CC on main screen and linked global structure.

Is any option to not place CC equal to the numbers of pumps and operating only with one CC?

I mean:



2. Create local 


3. Placed on main screen and choose tag as structure



4. In ladder add code like this.




It will work correctly?

So main idea is when I press on pump on main screen custom cotrols pop-ups and I can operate by this pump.


Thank you a lot for help.

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On 02.02.2018 at 10:22 PM, Saragani said:

Your idea is correct, use Copy Struct to copy from Original pump tag to Main pump tag (which is being used on screen), make the changes on the Main pump members (if needed), and when Apply button is pressed (for example), copy the struct back to the Original pump tag.  

OK, thank you for info. then add BIT of confirmation to replace new status in pump struct from temporary struct

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