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conical fermenter tankshape


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1) Create your tank in your preferred image editing software (I use Paint because I am a simple guy). I also use .bmp for the format (though I will use .png and a different image editing software if I want a transparent background). Or obtain or purchase an image you like from another source and download it to your hard drive.

2) In UniLogic, select the Image Element type you want to use from the HMI menu.

3) Click on Image Source and navigate to the file on your hard drive and select.

Which part are you having difficulty with?

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Thanks for the answers! 

In fact I need two different tank shapes:

- conical fermenter with input/output lines for the glycol cooling and visualisation of the magnetic coil.

- Brewhouse vessel with agitator motor on top. The transparant hole like Saragani mentioned is not needed because we do the water filling of these tanks manually.

Guess I will discover first the internet for HMI symbols after that I can try to create it myself in Paint...

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