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How to input value using PLC keyboard


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- Make a new Variable with that MI in it.

- Select part of the screen where you want this MI to be displayed, then right click -> Attach Variable

- Input will activate whenever you navigate to that screen. If you want to have input only when you press a certain key (usually enter), you'll need to make a logic that will set SB39 each time you open a new screen, and reload a screen when enter (or whichever key) is pressed. I think there's a topic about this in forum somewhere, maybe even in examples in U90.

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Thanks, this is not what I was looking for, but definitely helped me to get to right solution. I didn't realize that PLC automatically, after I select keypad entry in variable list, and select display that has this variable, gets to input value.

I realized that after I downloaded program into PLC.

Best regards, 

Nikola Ljubinkovic

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