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Data Table implementation issue

Athur B.

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I'm trying to make a selection page for a project. The page allows you to select a reference in a Data Table with 500 entries. To save time I would like to enter only the first 2 or 3 characters of the reference in a text box. So the line of the Data Table jumps directly to the first corresponding entry. Basically what I want is a search tool like a "CTRL+F" tool for a Data Table.
I tried to use "Find DTI Column Value" Ladder function, but it needs the exact entry of the
Data Table. If someone have an idea how I can apply this function by ignore the end of the reference or something like that  it's solve my problem.

Thanks to read and have a Nice Day :D ,
Arthur B.

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Hello Arthur,

i think that you have to work in reverse mode; after digit the "small" string that you want find you have to push the "enter" button in the keyboard...at this button you can couplead an action that will set one BIT...this BIT will enabled a start an UDFB this function will check the lenght of the String that you have insert and load the Strings in the colum of your DT, one by one, and check the firstly positions (the same quantity of your String)...if the result is ok you will stop the search and return the line where the complete string is stored.

I hope that I explained clearly what I mean.

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Hello Orso,

Thank for reply, yesterday I leave my Job Early soo I haven't see your message :(.

But Yesterday after write this topic I have found a solution 100% like you say haha. By usign string lenght and check all my entry in DT and it's Work !

However thank to comfort my idea as the right solution !!

Arthur B.

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