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Configuring and connecting Encoder

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Im using V430-J-R34 and Encoder RSI 503 Leine Linde, and im doing something wrong.
Both encoder and PLC have power, In configuration I have set HSC0 to (A,B) Shaft Encoder X2 and link it to MI1. 
Encoder is connected yellow (S00) to I0(A) and green(S90) to I1(B)
Numeric Variable on HMI is linked to MI1
And nothing.. its not counting up or down, value is 0 all the time.

I'm missing something but I don't know what, oh and PLC is configured to PNP (by default). 
Please help

Tnx in advance

Enk config.png

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For some HTL outputs external diodes are required in order to make them operate and replace a NPN or PNP output.


Also worth noting that your output voltage is typically your min supply voltage -3V are you still meeting the min voltage for a logical high?

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Cam, I am working whit stable 24VDC supply, but that is good to know, tnx

Found the problem, wire from 0 V was damaged in cable (15m), had to replace the encoder.
I will find a different use you that encoder.

Thank you very much for your responses.
Its nice to know I can count on this community and on Joe T. who is always responding to my newbie troubles.

Best regards;


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