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Visilogic, V700 and V200-18-E6B

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I found this on the web-

Image result for NPN pull up resistor

+V is 24 VDC

Resistive load is 2.2 K.

Output pulse goes to I0

Sensor output is the npn HSO on the -E6

I'll leave the rest of the connection details to you as an exercise.

This will work in stand alone mode.  If you connect something else to the "Output Pulse" without disconnecting the PLC input it probably won't work as impedance matching of two parallel devices with different threshold voltage levels is damn hard. 

Joe T.  

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I got the high speed in and outputs to work and they are connected.

What I see now is the following :

When I set up the PWM with value 500 on frequency and value 500 on duty cycle, it shows on the oscilloscope 50 Hz as it should (IMG_0878.JPG). 

But, when I change the time measurement on the oscilloscope to 1 sec per div, I get the following picture (IMG_0879.JPG)

Can anyone try to explain this please ?



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