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Hi everyone!

I'm having some doubts. I configured the PID Config FB and after that I did an AutoTune. 

I tried to run the PID control loop energizing the "PID A.Tune RUN" FB and it worked very good, but I have some questions.

Once I finish my PID Control loop, do I need to reset numeric MI associated to Control Output value? If I don't do that, it remains with the last value before de-energize the "PID A.Tune RUN" FB so the Duty Cycle of PWM associated to that Control Output does not go to zero.

Another question:  when I de-energize the "PID A.Tune RUN" FB, the PID Status message is still 4, so it's like the PID is Running, but that's not true because it stop. Is that a kind of VisiLogic bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,


PS: I'm using a V350

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