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Samba Battery Question

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I attached a small portion of the Samba TA22 installation guide. My question is in regard to the battery for the 7-inch model, which I may be using on an upcoming project. The 3.5 and 4.3 inch models indicate the battery is already installed, but the 7 inch does not indicate that it is installed. Does this imply that a battery is included with the unit but I have to install it myself? Or do I have to supply my own battery? I was unable to find the battery number in the installation guide.


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I've used a lot of V280's over the years, they use to come with the battery installed, and not accessible without opening the unit up, but a couple years they changed the case design and included a battery compartment cover with the battery stored in a plastic bag within, and a sticker on the side reminding you to install the battery



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