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Solar Automation


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Hi all. 

I'm looking at upgrading my Arduino controlled 2axis solar array. 

I have the Arduino controlling the panels with a few yearly adjustments manually changed. 

I'd like to upgrade the system to a Jazz if possible as we have played around with them a bit before and Unitronics hardware is more robust. We have a JZ10-11-R31

Question is 

I have an algorithm the tells me the  position of the sun using a RTC which outputs Altitude and Azimuth and the array goes to that point, how do I go about using complex math like this in U90. ie sin, cos, tan? 

Can I import a C+ formula to use? 

Or do you know of someone who has done similar? 

Any help much appreciated

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I might be wrong, but I don't think you can do maths like sin etc on the Jazz.  You'll need to go up to a V130 or Samba, and use the Formula function under Math.  It will then be a case of simply translating the formula into the one function, or a few of them, depending on how it works out.


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Don't forget to allow for daylight saving in the RTC references!  We all know how that extra hour of sunlight makes our curtains fade faster, railway lines buckle, cows stop making milk, grass & forest dries out quicker, solar arrays put out more power, wind turbines spin quicker, people with dopey brains show even more stupidity etc.

ps  I was joking, in case it isn't obvious!   cheers,  Aus


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Yes we have allowed for that in the Arduino code and it does make a difference. Up to 13 degrees of lag during solar noon which equates to about 22 percent losses. So we are all over that. Although after many test runs and much deliberation between liked minded individuals we have now calculated a solution for dopey brains during daylight savings times, which is duct tape. 


It doesn't fix stupid but it sure does muffle the sound

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If it is not to late... :)
I use for two axis sun tracking Zelio Logic smart relay with embedded FBD suntrack function.
It work fine due to RTC present onboard. Daylight saving is also present.
Maybe it will be helpful to add "suntrack" option (function) into visilogic or other unitronics software.
But this is question to unitronics team. 



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