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Downloading 9.8.9 Visiligic project opened in 9.8.31 Visilogic version

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I was lately wondering will there appear any problems or synchronization issues when program created in Visilogic 9.8.9 is opened, saved and downloaded into Vision PLC in 9.8.31 version.

Or it is recommended to download it in the version of creation (in my case 9.8.9), i ask this question because in one of our work stations there is issue with Visilogic, version swapper usually gives errors and only reinstallation of Visilogic is helpful. So we open all our project in the newest version we used (9.8.31), but i ve been afraid to download the program changes in this version.

Is there any considerations or it is allowed to do it ?

Thank you

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My understanding may be a bit incomplete, but here is my experience on this subject:

When you opened the 9.8.9 project in VisiLogic 9.8.31. you should have gotten a warning message that the project was last saved using 9.8.9 and database 150. VisiLogic 9.8.31 uses database 152. This will mean that the PLC firmware will need to be updated if you want to download the project into the PLC using 9.8.31. VisiLogic will warn you about this and will not allow you to proceed until the PLC is updated. If you do all this the likelihood of having a problem is very low, but I rarely do. Every programmer has his or her own philosophy on this. Mine is that if the PLC is working well at an installation, I do not update the firmware unless there is some specific need for it. I keep all the older versions of VisiLogic on my computer and use Version Swapper to select the version used on that particular PLC, make the program updates, and download. Other programmers like to update everything to the latest software and firmware versions whenever possible. Also, if there are multiple Unitronics PLCs in service at a particular location, I try to keep the firmware version the same on all of them for consistency - another reason, in my mind, not to update.

So, to sum up, I would download 9.8.9 and use it in your situation. Other programmers might do it differently. I don't think there is a definitive right or wrong here. Obviously, if you can't get Version Swapper working it leaves you little choice. However, I will say that I've never had a single issue with Version swapper. Two things to remember about Version Swapper: 1) Always use the version of Version Swapper that was installed with the latest version of VisiLogic, and 2) As with all Unitronics software, be sure to install and run "As Administrator".

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Thank you Flex,

I agree with your vision about firmware and software versions and I always try to do the same, only issue was with Visilogic.

As I remember once I opened 9.8.9 program in 9.8.31 soft and forgot about the version differences, and it downloaded successfully, without asking firmware update.

But then I could not open the program again in 9.8.9.

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6 hours ago, vamalgise said:

I opened 9.8.9 program in 9.8.31 soft and forgot about the version differences, and it downloaded successfully, without asking firmware update.

Yes, my understanding of how the database number matches up with firmware version is likely incomplete. I haven't been able to obtain or create a table of firmware vs. VisiLogic version, but I think that would be useful.

Regarding not being able to open your 9.8.31 saved program in 9.8.9, this is true but be aware that VisiLogic saves a backup of the original file when it opens the file in the newer version. You'll find it with the file extension changed from .vlp to the database number.

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Hi Yechel, please have a good read of this topic and in particular my post:

The question you are asking is likely answered by my final response:  "My method of creating "virgin" Visilogic installs and then copying them elsewhere for future use/reference hasn't failed me yet."  Do each version you want as a separate install, make your virgin copy, then uninstall and do it all again for the next version, finishing off with the latest one you want to use.  Virgin copy that, then use it's inbuilt version swapper to register all the rest.  It is important that the only version of swapper you use is the one in the youngest version of Visilogic you are wanting to use.



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