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1).  Vision reads bar.

2).  Vision executes bar entry routine.

3).  Vision proceeds to bar.

4).  Vision reads different codes.

5).  Vision interprets codes, runs decision-making subroutine.

6).  Vision waits for a while accepting results of decision-making sub.

7). Vision leaves bar sub.....somewhat unsteadily.

8). Vision attempts to run main program normally, but errors appear out of nowhere.


Sorry JT.  Couldn't help myself.  You'll get a serious answer soon from someone who really knows how.



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Aus, you are such a card.  :P

You need a barcode reader with an RS232 output.  Most barcode readers have an adapter cable if you look deep in the accessories.

Then you have to define what you want to do.  Sample barcode data?  Sample decision process?

Then read all the Help on the Protocol block, which is what you will use to read the barcode reader's output.

Then read the Help on the String function blocks, which is what you will use to make sense of the barcode reader's output.

That's about all I can tell you with the information given.

Joe T.


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