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Hello Everyone.

Hello everyone
I am having a problem with my Vision V350, in the company where I work there are two PLCs, a V350 and a V1210 that communicate by MODBUS. We have a screen that alerts us when a communication problem happen and when we check our V350 it shows us an error that is:

O.S. (Stop Mode - Fatal Error)

Enum: 0x00001740

IP: 0x00250000 00076A2C

Ldr: 0x000000DE

Desc: Undefined Opcode

Some changes had been made to the program and then this error arose so it went back to the previous program, but the problem is still happening.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens?

By performing a reset of the equipment, the problem is solved momentarily but this is not recommended for our production.



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Hello everyone

I also encountered the same problem (causing customers' troubles)
Is the communication cable too long? Is it the power cord of the device or the power cable of the HMI?
The environment is too noisy? Is there usually a decibel that regulates the use environment?
I changed Porter? How do I change it?
Is there any other way to improve?


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  • MVP 2014

That is a different issue, the details on the screen are different.  In your case Fernanda, the PLC has lost it's Visilogic project.  The most likely reason is that the on-board battery is flat (check the value of SB8) and the project was not originally downloaded with either the  "download all and burn" or "Burn upload project" options.

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