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Reading memory addresses


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I want to ship data to a SCADA system and I need to read the memory addresses for a list of required tags. For example:



How do I find the for x and y? In this example I know that x = 40 and y=42 as these were used in a different program but for future programs how do I locate these addresses?



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Yes, I'm afraid you've done a lot of work going down a rabbit hole.  You don't have to do any mapping to get data into the Modbus Slave table.

If you go back and look at the screenshot I posted you'll see that structure tags are automatically assigned when you drop an I/O module.  If you go to the bottom of the UniLogic screen you'll see a tab labelled "IO" that shows all the tags. 


You can assign alias names that make more sense, but you can't change the names the system gave them.

It's just a matter of grabbing the one you want selecting it when you Add a New Operation.  That's where you assign it an address that Modbus can deal with.

Your original post indicated that you only wanted two pieces of data for your SCADA system so that's what I showed.

Joe T.

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Thank you Joe,

Ive implemented that change with the Add New Operational Batch which is a lovely feature. I havent worked on a tag based system before but I am getting fond of it. Nice jobs Unitronics. I see Siemens have recently changes their Step 7 to a tag based system, looks like you have started a trend.

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